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Induction – New pastor for Lincoln

February 2017 | by Anthony Miller

After 14 years of faithful service, our pastor, Robert Dale, retired from his ministry on 21October. We are thankful to the Lord for his gracious provision in leading us, after much prayer and searching, to his choice for our new pastor.

It was with great joy that Saturday 22 October saw the induction of Jonathan Gravil to the pastorate of Lincoln Evangelical Church (LEC). Members, friends and family joined with representatives of many different churches from all over the country to celebrate the event. The service took place in the main hall of the priory city of Lincoln Academy School, while refreshments were provided in our church building opposite.           

Elder, Dr Roger Chambers, led the service, while elders Andrew Wood and Darren Smith read and prayed. Retiring pastor Robert Dale then gave a statement of the church’s call to Mr Gravil, followed by Mr Gravil’s own response to the call. Both emphasised the marvellous providence of God involved in it all. Mr Gravil was then inducted to the pastorate of LEC.

After reading Hebrews 13:1-21, Nigel Hoad, director of home mission for the Association of Grace Baptist Churches preached from this passage, emphasising verses 7 and 17, to remember, consider and obey.

Smooth transition

Mr Dale said, ‘I have always hoped that there would be a smooth transition from one pastorate to another, and the Lord has granted this to be the case. Jonathan made a deep impression on us from the first time he visited us, as a gifted preacher and true shepherd of the flock, with a real heart for lost souls’.

Mr Gravil also shared his thoughts on the event: ‘One of the great encouragements of the day was to see so many of God’s people gather together; friends, brothers and sisters from local churches, as well as from former churches where we had served, either as members, students or pastor. 

‘The verse I shared was a reminder to myself and my wife, Elizabeth, as we began the work to which the Lord has called us in Lincoln, ‘Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God’ (Philippians 4:6)’.

As God’s people gathered, sang and prayed, it seems this promise has come true. As a church, we look forward to continuing our witness and testimony in the area God has placed us, and working together with our new pastor.

Anthony Miller

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