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Conferences – Leicester Creation Conference

December 2016 | by Josh Harrison

Brockington College, Leicester, was the venue on 7-8 October for the Leicester Creation Conference 2016. There had been meetings in the run-up to this, held in different churches in the East Midlands area, earlier in September too.

Attended by many from across the Midlands, and even as far as the Netherlands, people from different denominations found the conference to be stimulating, encouraging and challenging.

It was a great opportunity to hear of recent developments and studies in various scientific disciplines that clearly support the biblical account and teaching on Creation. From rocks and fossils to dinosaurs and beetles, there was variety and depth, combined with powerful personal testimony and conviction.

The main ministries that are involved in this outreach were represented, including Biblical Creation Trust, Answers in Genesis and Creation Ministries International.

Speakers from each of these organisations led main sessions and seminars on different topics. These included Sylvia Baker, Stuart Burgess, Paul Garner, Steven Lloyd, Matthew Pickhaver, Dominic Statham, Steve Taylor, Simon Turpin, and we were joined by Dr Gordon Wilson from the USA.

Trustworthy Bible

Some of the topics covered included ‘Can the Bible be trusted as history?’, ‘Adam or ape man?’ and ‘Creationism and education’. The evidence presented about the ‘Uniqueness of man’ by Stuart Burgess left listeners in no doubt that, as David writes in the Psalms, people created in the image of God ‘are fearfully and wonderfully made’.

There was an abundance of resources available, including books and DVDs (even hoodies and baseball caps!), bringing helpful material to understand and share. It even provided a good opportunity for some early Christmas shopping! It was a great encouragement to see these different organisations coming together to support Christians in their faith and belief in God’s Word. This unity and friendship in the gospel was a blessing to all involved.

The conference was generously funded by local churches in the area, so that anyone and everyone who wanted to attend could come, and some of those churches provided stewarding help. This help and generosity was greatly appreciated by those organising.

Overall, it was an extremely beneficial and profitable time together. Our confidence in the Word of God is constantly under the threat of disbelief and ridicule. So it was timely to be clearly reminded that, without any doubt, we can stand firm on the truth of the Bible, from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.

Again and again, came the message that creation themes are gospel issues. If Genesis 1-3 didn’t happen, then why did Christ have to die? Again and again, came the truth that we have an awesome God who made all things.

(More information and photos: please visit Facebook and search ‘Leicester Creation Conference)’.

Josh Harrison

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