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Event – 200th anniversary

October 2016 | by Alan Marsden

Salem Chapel at Martin Top, near Clitheroe, Lancashire, celebrated its 200th anniversary last month. Roger Carswell preached about the fundamentals of the faith that inspired those early Georgian founders: the substitutionary death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The chapel was packed out by more than 170 people, some of whom were sitting on the floor and stairs. Many came from the nearby villages, as well as those who had connections with the chapel from the past.

Local dignitaries such as the Mayor of Ribble Valley, Lord Clitheroe, and parish and district councillors listened intently to the gospel. Salem Chapel is sometimes called ‘The church in the middle of nowhere’, on account of its being surrounded by fields and farms.

Sadly, there are few sound evangelical churches in East Lancashire; gospel witness is limited. A banner unveiled by the mayor includes the verse from 1 Samuel 7:12: ‘Thus far, the Lord has helped us’.

Alan Marsden