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Church extension – Portavogie FCC services

April 2016 | by Trevor Kirkland

The Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) witness has begun to expand in Northern Ireland. On 7 February, the Ballyclare & Doagh congregation began to hold weekly services in Portavogie Community Centre.

The Ballyclare & Doagh congregation had been meeting at Torrens Memorial Hall, Doagh, Ballyclare, at 11.30am and 6.00pm on the Lord’s Day, but the new service was held in Portavogie, which is 40 miles south on the coast, at 2.45pm, on 7 February.

The Ballyclare & Doagh congregation and their minister Rev. E. Trevor Kirkland joined the Free Church (Continuing) in May 2014 and have enjoyed encouragements ever since, by seeing new people attending their worship services.

Mr Kirkland believes there are people in Portavogie and surrounding district who are sympathetic to the FCC and will support a new work in the area.

Trevor Kirkland


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