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Easter and nature

April 2016 | by John Thornbury

Only in the Bible can we find a final record of God’s amazing plan of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. But once one knows the truth about life and reality, he or she can see many evidences in the physical world of gospel truth.

Take for example the fact of resurrection. As Christians, we believe that we are made in the image of God and have an immortal soul. Death does not end all, but is only the beginning of a wonderful life of fellowship with God, if we have received his Son Jesus.

All the seasons illustrate aspects of the phases of life. Summer, when the weather is warm and the hills and fields are yielding their fruit and foliage, reminds us that in mature adulthood we can enjoy the challenge of career and family.

But, as autumn comes, we see a picture of the fading of life, with the onset of old age with its infirmities. And then winter, although having a stark beauty of its own, shuts down the processes of nature and there is little sign of life in the world about us. Winter reminds us of death.

Glorious spring

But, ah, glorious spring! What a welcome sight when the robins begin to show up in the yard, and the singing birds seem to cheer on the coming warmth. The snow melts and the grass begins to turn green. Here and there, about this time of the year, the buds burst forth on the trees and the early flowers, such as crocuses and daffodils, awaken from their winter sleep.

What is God saying to us in spring? He is saying that, just as nature awakens every year after the cold of winter, so human bodies will not lie forever in the ground where loving hands buried them, but will also be resurrected.

What a miserable future the atheists, who do not believe the Bible, have! No wonder they do not sing or praise when death reaps its awful harvest.

Today, if you look at the world outside, you will be able to see some signs of new life. This is God’s message to you: ‘Come to me and receive new life. Do not live forever in the darkness, cold and misery of unbelief. In Christ is life, and through me you can have the hope of eternal salvation’.

John F. Thornbury served for many years as a pastor in Baptist churches in Pennsylvania and Kentucky, USA.