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Youth – Whitby Bible School

January 2016 | by Matthew Hibbard, Beth Keel, Michael Taylor

On the first weekend of September 2015, 25 young people arrived in Whitby for the annual September Bible School. The group was exploring the theme of ‘living as a Christian in the modern world’.

We enjoyed having Andy Patterson (FIEC missions director) and Phil Heaps (Grace Church, Yate) as speakers. It was also a pleasure to have some friends share about their work among Muslims.

Phil Heaps started the weekend with a challenging but helpful reminder from Romans 1 that the Bible is not outdated, but in tune with the society we live in. The rest of the sessions were taken from the Sermon on the Mount, focusing on the Beatitudes as a model for Christian character perfectly exemplified in Christ.

Of challenge also was when Andy Patterson helped us see our often misplaced priorities, by asking searching questions like, ‘What occupies our thoughts when we daydream or have nothing else to do?’

An engaging question and answer session ended the weekend on a clear note, that the darker the world becomes the brighter the gospel shines. Activities included an enthusiastic rounders’ match on the beach and evening games, fuelled of course by excellent food, Yorkshire tea and an abundance of cake.

It was great to have new faces joining old friends for a really encouraging time of fellowship together as Christian young people. We’d like to thank Whitby Evangelical Church for arranging and hosting the Bible school, and Mr Patterson and Mr Heaps for their teaching.

God willing, the school will be back September 2016 and we would like to encourage other young people to come and join us there.