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2015 South Wales revival conference (4-11 July 2015)

September 2015 | by Kerry and Rose Orchard

This year’s conference was the 16th in succession. It was again held at WEST in Bridgend. Residential accommodation was all but filled. It was good to see many old friends and welcome some new ones. 

As well as folk from England and Wales, there were several other nationalities present: Scots, Dutch, Finnish, Iranian, West Indian — and all one in Christ Jesus. Each evening our numbers were swelled by visitors from the local area.

The preaching was excellent. Wyn Hughes opened the conference with a message from Romans 5 on the known and felt presence of God. Phil Hill’s exposition of Habakkuk each weekday morning served to illuminate the contemporary Christian scene in the West.

Andrew Davies preached each evening penetratingly from 1 Corinthians 1-4, on the theme of man’s humbling and God’s exaltation through the gospel.

Many nations

The lectures during the day were partly historical — Andrew Davies on International Calvinistic Methodism, and Gwyn Davies on Mrs Whitefield (Gwyn also led a visit to a nearby Calvinistic Methodist chapel linked with the work of Howell Harris) — but mainly geographical and present day.

John Orchard and Merv Neal spoke about the current rapid growth of Nepalese churches in northern India. Malcolm Steer referred to both blessing and persecution in Iran today and the spiritual hunger amongst the Iranian diaspora.

Phil Hill gave a most enlightening insight into the work of God among both Messianic Jews and Palestinians in Israel. Jonathan Stephen gave a snapshot of the remarkable church growth in eastern China.

A particular characteristic of this conference is its fellowship. Most residents met before breakfast for a short Bible study based on the life of Joseph and time of open prayer. Conversations over meal times were lively and uplifting. If you would like to attend in 2016, please contact organisers Kerry and Rose Orchard at [email protected]

Next year’s dates are 2-9 July 2016 (

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