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Plymouth opening – Beacon Park Baptist Church

July 2015 | by Richard Clarke

Plymouth openingOn Saturday 2 May, nearly 150 people gathered in the former Methodist church building in Peverell Park Road, Plymouth, for the 20th anniversary of the Beacon Park Baptist Church. It was also the occasion of the official re-opening of the building for Christian worship. The preacher was Dr Peter Masters of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London.

The church at Beacon Park had completed the purchase of the building in mid-January 2015, subsequent to the building’s closure in 2013. This now becomes the permanent home of Beacon Park, which had been meeting in the nearby Montpelier Primary School since its constitution in May 1995.

The date was also significant, as the building originally opened as a Methodist church in May 1905. Hence, May 2015 was the 110th anniversary of that initial opening.

Words of testimony were given by three church members, recently converted under the ministry at Beacon Park, and Pastor Richard Clarke gave a brief account of the history of the building.

Dr Masters then preached from Isaiah 54, and especially encouraged the church to ‘spare not’ in faithful gospel testimony and outreach. He also unveiled a commemorative plaque to mark the occasion.

The building has been purchased with generous assistance from many like-minded friends and churches, as well as with interest-free loan funding from the Particular Baptist Fund and Grace Baptist Trust, and with mortgage finance from Stewardship.


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