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‘Running on empty’ – Ministers’ wives conference 2015

May 2015 | by Maribel Easton

The ministers’ wives conference 2015 held on 7 February, at Trinity Road Chapel, Tooting, surpassed my expectations. Its title was ‘Running on empty’.

As it was my first time attending, I had thought it might be full of much older women. However, to my surprise, there were a good number of young ladies in similar situations to myself. 

The first part consisted of free time to get to know each other, as well as having a good look at the bookstall provided by the Good Book Company. Drinks and cakes were provided. 

Then we were led to the church itself to sing praises, read and pray. The atmosphere was amazing and the singing a delight. After that, we had the first session taken by author and children’s worker Ann Benton. She spoke on Psalm 1 and it was such a blessing. Although this psalm is well known, she was able to dig out some precious treasures to share with us.

Next, we gathered in groups of 5-6 to discuss questions related to the talk. I really enjoyed this part; we were able to share personal things, knowing what we said would be kept confidential.

Shortly after, we were treated with carrot and coriander soup and bread rolls, followed by a choice of various desserts, although I found it difficult to decide which one to pick! We had some more free time before, once again, in the church we sang songs together and prayed. 

Then two ladies came to share their testimonies of things they have experienced in ministry. I was blessed by one of them especially, as she shared how God has been reminding her what it means to be his child. 

Ann Benton then took the second session, on Psalm 23. This is a well-known psalm too, but again she gave us refreshing lessons. This session was the end of the conference. I felt the day had gone too quickly!

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