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From Creation to Glory

April 2015 | by Micah McLachlan

SALT conferenceOn 21 February, the ninth SALT Youth Conference returned to Craigie Reformed Baptist Church, Perth, where it all kicked off five years ago.

Young people ask, ‘Why are we alive?’, ‘Why is life hard?’, ‘Why is God distant?’, ‘Why do we feel guilty?’, ‘How can we survive daily life?’, ‘How can we be happy?’ Surrounded by false answers to these questions from evolution, humanism, false religions and atheism, our speakers brought the truth of the Bible to us in four sessions.

Peter Logie (Anniesland, Glasgow) spoke on ‘creation’, unmasking and denouncing the lie of evolution. Though repeated often, evolution still isn’t the truth. With enjoyable satire, he stripped it of consistency, reason and scientific credentials. He esteemed the Bible as straightforward and reasonable by comparison.

Ali McLachlan (Grace, Edinburgh) spoke on the Fall in the Garden of Eden. He explained it as the source of sin, guilt and spiritual, physical and eternal death. Using examples, he demonstrated that no matter what our social status — respectable or lowlife — everyone is a sinner. He warned that fallen man is at war with God. Judgement is pending; man must flee God’s wrath.


Conrad Pomeroy (Trinity, Dundee) explained how to escape God’s judgement through redemption in Christ. Christianity provides the most satisfying ‘big story’ to the human condition.

Our relationship can only be repaired by Christ reconciling us to God, making peace through the cross. All creation is made right with God by Christ. His saving of believers is only a small part of his awesome work.

Ali concluded by inspiring us with ‘glory’. God’s plan is for us to join him, changed to be bodily and spiritually perfect for heaven. Mysteriously, we enter into God’s glory in a way that prophets, saints and apostles were unable to even imagine. 

In the crashing waves of daily living, we can stand in hope of glory, surviving our troubles by focusing on heaven, where Christ is. We foretaste the good of glory even now.

Good Christian literature at the conference was heavily subsidised and sold, and opportunities for service in local churches announced. We’re looking forward to September’s conference! 

Micah McLachlan

SALT is organised by Trinity Baptist Church, Dundee, and Grace Baptist Partnership Scotland. Free audio resources are available from