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Outreach UK

September 2014 | by Mike Mellor

Growth is always a wonderful problem and provides opportunities to stretch the wings of faith. To that end, Outreach UK (OUK) has appointed two men to help with the mobilising of ‘the troops’ to spread the gospel more effectively: Duncan Hunter in Manchester, who will be responsible for the North West of England, and Simon Terry in Leicester, who will take care of the Midlands.

Their role will be to encourage and liaise with the current OUK evangelists as well as to seek to identify others with gifts in evangelism.

They will also be available to arrange church training events in their respective areas, working as area field officers under the wise and experienced Trevor Dickerson, who is OUK’s national field director.

OUK believes the urgency of sharing the gospel on a one-to-one basis in the UK has never been greater or more complicated. To help equip Christians to speak ‘in season and out of season’, OUK can arrange training days for churches — contact Mr Dickerson, at [email protected]

Mike Mellor