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Twentieth anniversary at Hayes

July 2014 | by Joy Harris

In 1994, Hayes Town Chapel ladies meeting was started by a few ladies who felt the need and desire to meet on a regular basis for fellowship and Bible study.

These meetings started in different members’ homes and, once numbers grew, they were held in the chapel, where they continue to be held 20 years later.

Even though many, if not most, of those who regularly attend the meetings today were not there from the start, we are certainly reaping the benefits of the group and the commitment and loyalty of those who were.

Our anniversary evening was very special and I am sure will be remembered by all who attended. The speaker for the evening was Esther Cowley from Forest Fold Baptist Church, Crowborough. She spoke on Colossians 3:1-17, her topic being ‘What shall I wear today?’, a question most women ask themselves each day. 

She spoke on how, when we become children of God, we are to get rid of our old, filthy, foul garments. As the Bible passage literally says, they ‘are to be put to death’.

It also describes how God will clothe us with new clothes. She told us to look to Jesus, who is the perfect example of what to wear — by trusting in him fully, we get our perfect outfit.

The evening was, as always, finished off with some lovely cakes and great fellowship, and a commemorative bookmark was given out. In all, it was a wonderful and special evening, and we look forward, God willing, to the next 20 years.

Joy Harris

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