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Evolution – the biggest myth!

August 2013 | by George Hunt

On Saturday 8 June, Harrogate Young Life Juniors (belonging to Young Life — an inter-denominational youth group) took part in the annual Great Knaresborough Bed Race.

Part of this involved dressing the Young Life (YL) bed up in the race’s theme for the year, which was ‘Myths and legends’. The YL bed was dressed as ‘The greatest myth ever: Evolution!’ and its team members dressed as ‘mad scientists’!

On the side of their bed was a poster declaring, ‘Creation. God made man in his own image. Genesis 1:27’. The front of the bed had John 14:6 written on it, ‘Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life’.

Along with this witness, several hundred tracts were given out. Attending the event were record numbers of people, about 30,000 in all. We hope ours was a good witness to all those people, challenging them about their belief in the myth of evolution.

As YL’s bed was the last in the Bed Race parade, its message would have left a continuing impression on people’s minds. So many were the race entries that our team had originally been listed in the reserves, but a week beforehand we learned we would be able to compete, for which we thank God.

The other part of the occasion is the race itself around Knaresborough — after the decorations are removed from the bed of course! The YL team set off in 91st position, but finished in 31st place.

George Hunt