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Kent Women’s Day

August 2013 | by Bridget Relf

On Saturday 18May the Kent Women’s Day conference took place at Union Chapel, Bethersden.

It was a day with much to thank God for, including fellowship with women of all ages, good weather, and guest speaker Ann Benton.

Ann spoke at three sessions on the theme of ‘Designer worship’. She focused on the significance of worship from 2 Corinthians 3:17-18, the heart of worship from Psalm 66, and ‘worship in everyday clothes’ from Romans 12:1-8.

Ann stated that we become what we worship, and what we worship shapes who we are. She spoke of Genesis 1:26-27, which says, ‘Let us make man in our own image, according to our likeness’, as a reminder that we were created to reflect God’s glory and worship him.

Ann drew encouragement from the Psalm to sing heartily and with joy when we meet for corporate worship. However, she also warned that singing should not become a performance, and it is not just for ‘professionals’ but for all to praise God in song.

In the final session, Ann reminded delegates of God’s great love and mercy to believers. She used Romans 12 to challenge us about how we respond to this, warning us not to live to please ourselves or the world, but to live to please God, offering our bodies as living sacrifices to him.

We thank Ann for a challenging, yet encouraging day. Let us pray that we will indeed reflect God in our lives.

Bridget Relf






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