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January 2013 | by David Sercombe


Mount Elim Evangelical Church in Pontardawe played host to roughly 300 people last year, when the church witnessed the ordination and induction of Steffan Jones to the pastorate.
    The service was led by Rev. Derrick Adams of the Welsh Evangelical Church in Aberystwyth. David Sercombe gave the history of the call and Mr Jones then gave a personal response.
    Pastor Clem Roberts, who has had a long association with Mount Elim, conducted the ordination and induction. Following this, there was a laying-on of hands by the elders and ministers taking part, and prayer for the new pastor.
    Rev. Gwynn Williams, of the Welsh Evangelical Church in Cardiff, preached on two texts: Psalm 11:3 and 1 Thessalonians 5:12-13.
    He showed how the ‘shaking of the foundations’ fitted the context of the Christian church at the present time. He quoted the words of Lord Reith (the BBC’s first director general) to young producers questioning the future of the church in the 1920s — ‘the Church will stand at the grave of the BBC’.
    Mr Williams added that the church will stand at the grave of every human institution. Two factors prove this: God still has his people in Pontardawe and elsewhere; and God is still calling young men to the ministry.
    Afterwards, there was great excitement over refreshments as past friendships were renewed and new friendships formed.
    Mr Jones was born in Ammanford. He studied history in Cardiff and, having been a UCCF staff worker in West Wales for five years, the Welsh Evangelical Church in Aberystwyth appointed him as pastor-in-training, funding him through his studies at WEST in Bridgend.
    He is married to Cath, from Ebenezer Baptist Church in Swansea, and they have two boys, Dewi Owen (3) and Mathew Llŷr (1).
David Sercombe

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