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Party witness

January 2012 | by Stephen Holland

Party witness
Each year, the UK’s main political parties hold their annual conferences in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. Over the past few years, a small number of Christians have held a Christian witness outside these events.
    The pattern of approach has usually been to offer evangelistic literature to passers-by, conduct open-air preaching, and seek to engage people in conversation about their eternal souls. Appropriate banners and boards with Scripture texts have normally been on display too.
    This year we were able to bear witness outside both the Labour and Conservative conferences. The first was in Liverpool at the Labour Party. This was a two-day witness.
    The day began with being able to stand directly outside the main entrance to the venue, clearly displaying the words from Psalm 53:1: ‘The fool hath said in his heart there is no God’.
Fitting text

This was a fitting text for a party leader who unashamedly proclaims to believe there is no God. As people had to pass a preacher with his board, many got to hear the message of salvation and be warned of a coming day of judgement.
    Along with the preaching, between 600 and 800 booklets were handed out. The three booklets, produced by the Protestant Truth Society, were Ever read the Bible? Who is Jesus? and Christianity — think about it. Also a good number of evangelistic Ten Commandment coins were distributed.
    Responses ran from ‘I’m glad you’re here’ to ‘I’m an atheist’, and the all-too-often silent ignorers. Some well-known political figures took the literature offered; others showed their disdain.
    The Conservative party, which held its conference in Manchester, also saw a two-day witness and, once again, many booklets were taken. It is not often we are given the opportunity to publicly witness to our politicians. Open-air proclamation of the gospel has precedence in both Old and New Testaments.
    Should our national leaders ever silence the open-air preacher, our liberties and freedoms will go. If done correctly, such affords a wonderful occasion to show our leaders the real answer to broken Britain.
    This lies not in the schemes of men, but in a return to what has become something of an embarrassment to our nation over recent decades, the Christian gospel and the Bible.
Stephen Holland