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EMF open day

June 2012 | by David Butler

EMF open day

On Saturday 21 April, European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) supporters came to Welwyn Evangelical Church for the annual School of Biblical Studies open day.
    During the two meetings, students were interviewed by the School’s principal, Jörg Müller, and spoke of their home churches in Hungary, Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine and the UK. We also heard reports from four previous students, who are now supported as missionaries by EMF.
    Krzysztof Rutkowski, who is an elder in his local church and head of Polish Christian publishing house Legatio, spoke of the huge influence that Roman Catholicism still has in Poland.
    Vitaliy Maryash is an assistant pastor in Ternopil, Ukraine, who was saved through attending a home Bible study group and is now involved in running similar groups.
    Manuel and Krisztina Lopez-Franco, who work in Almuñecar, Spain, said they are encouraged by more couples attending their meetings and bringing their children to the Saturday children’s club.
    Throughout the day, we enjoyed fellowship and food. It was all brought to a fitting conclusion when Pastor Hugh Collier of Great Ellingham Reformed Baptist Church spoke from John 1:19-29, on lessons from John the Baptist.
    All Christians, he said, should be like John, pointing others to Jesus. This was summed up in the final hymn, as the congregation joined in the familiar words of Charles Wesley, ‘Tis all my business here below, to cry Behold the Lamb!’
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David Butler

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