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Elders’ study days

May 2011 | by Bill James

Elders’ study days

There are many conferences and fraternals for pastors, but few opportunities for elders to be refreshed by biblical and practical ministry on their church work. That need is now addressed by a new series of ‘Elders’ study days’ at the John Owen Centre, which is part of London Theological Seminary (more information: [email protected]).
    We met on Saturday 12 March at LTS. Delegates came from as far north as Loughborough, as well as the London area. There were three sessions, all of high quality. First was a study on the nature of eldership. Mostyn Roberts gave the background of eldership in Israel before showing the New Testament’s understanding of the character and role of an elder in the local church.
    Next, Garry Williams gave an excellent overview on the inspiration of Scripture. He was characteristically thorough and stimulating and we were left with fresh confidence in the Bible as God’s Word through which the Lord speaks today. So then, our preaching must be more than mere Bible study; we must engage with our hearers and be sure they feel the impact of the Word.
    Finally, Basil Howlett gave a wise and practical overview of the subject of cohabitation. What do we do when someone is converted while in a cohabiting relationship? What if there are children? What are the principles involved and how do we deal with this issue graciously?
    Finally, there was time for questions, before we went away encouraged and refreshed. It was five hours and five pounds well spent.
Bill James


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