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Prophets foretold him – Timothy Cross

June 2011 | by Stephen Holland

Prophets foretold him


Timothy Cross

Gospel Folio Press, 99 pages, £8.99, ISBN: 978-1-9267652-4-2


Many of us, I’m sure, have been faced with the challenge of: ‘Prove to me the Bible is true’. Or with a similar question: ‘How do you know the Bible is the Word of God?’

     What would be our response to such questions?  One answer we could all give is — ‘Prophecy; the Bible is a book of prophecy’. And which prophecies would we then turn them to? If you don’t know, this is the book for you!

     It has been stated that there are over 300 prophecies alone relating to the person of Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. This should excite and interest every Christian.

     The prophetic nature of the Bible is first demonstrated in this book by attention being drawn to Isaiah’s prophecies surrounding the birth of Christ. We are then taken to Micah, where the place of Christ’s birth is prophesied.

     The book then goes on to events surrounding Christ’s first coming and his ministry. It covers the coming of John the Baptist, the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the miracles of Christ, his riding into Jerusalem and his betrayal by Judas.

     This is followed by an examination of his death, resurrection and ascension into heaven. Finally, we take a look at prophecies still yet to be fulfilled — the return of Jesus Christ.

     A solemn warning is included for those who die without knowing the Saviour. We are reminded that, ‘sin against an eternal God has eternal consequences’.

     This is a helpful little book, consisting of twenty short chapters of a couple of pages each. It is a good place to start for deeper study of the prophetic nature of Scripture.

     The very fact that God’s Word contains so much prophecy is an indicator in itself of its importance, and so should interest all believers.

Stephen Holland




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