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God’s zoo

April 2010 | by Robert Jeffery

God’s zoo


The half-term Holiday Bible Club at Thornton Heath Evangelical Church saw more children than in previous years, with more than 70 each day on average. But we had been praying for a lot more than good numbers.

            The children attending the club, which was called ‘God’s zoo’, heard the gospel clearly proclaimed. The talks gave an overview of the history of salvation, including Creation, the Fall, the Flood and more. One child professed his trust in the Saviour during the week, having already been challenged at our junior church sessions each Sunday morning.

            All the Bible accounts included animals, which gave us our zoo theme. The children enjoyed many activities, including games in the monkey enclosure, animal crafts in the aviary or reptile house, and meeting Bible characters (well, members of the church in disguise!) in the penguin pool.

            We were also able to thank our God for many new contacts from the neighbourhood. A few of these children have started attending some regular children’s groups, and some families have come to the church. We hope to see more attending our follow-up family event – we want to see adults at church, not just their children!

            We are grateful for the blessings God has given us, but continue to pray for further blessing among families in this area.

Robert Jeffery

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