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News – FCC, Inverness

June 2008 | by Maurice Roberts

FCC, Inverness


The congregation of Greyfriars Free Church of Scotland (Continuing) in Inverness, after waiting nearly nine years for a building, have completed the purchase of Copperfield House for their place of worship. This building is located in the Westhill district of Inverness, on Culloden Road.

     The congregation are very grateful to God to have reached this milestone, after much prayer and planning. We are also grateful for the prayerful goodwill and financial support received, and still being received, to help with this purchase.

     It is our prayer that God will cause his gracious presence to be felt in our midst, and that our Lord Jesus Christ will graciously bless the preaching of the word in this building to the saving of many souls. The congregation look forward to welcoming visiting friends to worship with them.

Maurice Roberts