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News – Puritan books

April 2008 | by Jay Collier

Puritan books


The puritan book publisher Soli Deo Gloria Publications (SDG) has been acquired by Reformation Heritage Books (RHB) in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

     For the past few years SDG books have been produced by Ligonier Ministries in Orlando, Florida. Ligonier has now invited RHB to publish and distribute SDG titles.

     RHB has received from SDG nearly 50,000 books currently in print and is ready to distribute them to individuals and bookstores. RHB will publish a select number of titles under the SDG imprint, but most titles from now will be printed as RHB’s.

     RHB and Ligonier Ministries will collaborate in promoting Puritan literature around the world. Mailing list from RHB: [email protected]. Further information from John M. Duncan:

Jay T. Collier



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