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Church – Berean Baptist Church Formed

July 2018 | by Chuck Pietrowski

On Saturday 12 May, Berean Baptist Church in Harrogate, North Yorkshire was formally constituted.  The service was conducted by Pastor Chuck Hunt of Pleasant View Baptist Church in Bromley, Kentucky, USA.

He along with his wife were in attendance for this special event as were about 25 friends from churches in the area.  The service was held at the Cairn Hotel in Harrogate, which is where the work has met for the past five years and where it will continue to meet.

The service was made up of public worship through hymns, Scripture reading, a meeting held to form the church, prayer and a charge.  Chuck Pietrowski, having been sent out to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and teach his Word in Harrogate, by Pleasant View Baptist Church, also took part in the service.

He called upon Pastor Hunt to act as moderator for the business meeting, having received agreement to this previously from the prospective members.  Mrs Hunt was called upon to act as clerk for the meeting.  Pastor Hunt then proceeded to read out a letter detailing the minutes of the Pleasant View Baptist Church, in which they voted to release the members of their church that were forming the new one.

Those that were coming together by said letter and by statement of faith were asked if it was their intent to form the Berean Baptist Church.  They all stated by the upraised hand that it was.  A motion was made to form the church under the name Berean Baptist Church, which was carried.

Upon this, it was stated that the members had studied through a document outlining their articles of faith. A motion to adopt them as the Berean Baptist Church’s was made and carried. A church covenant was read out and a motion was made and carried to adopt this as the church’s.

Finally, a motion was made to install Chuck Pietrowski as the first pastor of Berean Baptist Church was made and carried.  The meeting was called to a close and Pastor Roger Fay was called on to pray for the newly-formed church.  Following this, Pastor Hunt gave a charge to the newly-formed church and those in attendance.

The service was followed by a time of fellowship around refreshments.  The newly-formed church would like to thank each one that attended as well as those that have been praying and supporting the work in Harrogate.  The day was a blessing indeed.

Chuck Pietrowski

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