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‘How to be human’: Derby Bible Week

July 2019 | by David Fielding

Derby Bible Week continues to grow. Following small beginnings thirty years ago, attendees have grown in number considerably over recent years.

In Derby, a group of like-minded evangelical churches organise an annual series of meetings. These take place over four days each April.

This year, an average daily gathering of around 400 people met in two locations: a smaller, morning session preceding the main evening meeting (where the morning message was repeated).

This year, Tim Chester (Pastor of Grace Church in Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire) was our speaker. He took us through the Epistle to the Colossians with the intriguing title of ‘How to be Human’.

Tim’s application was truly compelling: he showed us the similarities of contemporary culture with the days in which the letter was written. He explained that Colossians is, effectively, the ‘Christian’s handbook for being human’.

Over the course of the four talks, Tim showed that we become truly human (in the way God intended) as we are progressively transformed. This change takes place through the creative, life-giving Word of God; through knowing Christ; through the cross and the resurrection; and through communal growth within a local church.

An important feature of the Bible Week is a lunchtime church leaders’ meeting. This year Tim helpfully tackled the difficult topic of pornography – sadly, a subject where warnings and specific pastoral helps are required in our day.

The fellowship of Bible-loving Christians at these events is precious and good friendships have been made between individuals and churches across the city.

We are grateful to God for such growth in interest and for such an expression of biblical unity as we worship and hear expository preaching together.

Recordings of the main talks, and those from previous years are available at

David Fielding

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