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52 Spurgeon Stories for Children Book 1

52 Spurgeon Stories for Children Book 1
Linda Rowell
30 April, 2013 1 min read

52 Spurgeon stories for children, Book 1
Tony Hutter
Day One Publications
112 pages, £5.00
ISBN: 978-1-84625-288-4
Star rating : 4

Tony Hutter’s hope and prayer in writing these books is that children may be led to find salvation in Christ and learn truths from the Bible that will help them to live for his glory.

I have now read both Books 1 and 2 to my daughter (aged 8) and she is eagerly awaiting Book 3! The stories are two pages long and begin and end with the same scripture verse.

In between are anecdotes from Spurgeon’s life. Some are about animals; some about his family, and also many about the people he came into contact with. All the stories illustrate the power and wisdom of God.

When I first started reading them, I wondered how much my daughter was taking in. But she answered all the questions which Tony asks, giggled at the right moments in others, challenged me in another, and then asked for more!

I would recommend these particularly for children in Christian families. I also think they would be good on coffee tables and for those whose concentration span is limited for different reasons.

They could be a real help to those in hospital or those who through illness struggle to read more difficult books. A source of encouragement and challenge to all!

Linda Rowell

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