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Christian medics national conference hosted online

August 2020 | by John Tredgett

Dr Mark Pickering
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In April over 750 Christian medical professionals gathered online for the Christian Medical Fellowship’s National Online Gathering.

The conference title was ‘How long, O Lord? Finding hope in Christ when the storm clouds gather’.

CMF has over 6,000 members working as doctors, nurses, and other roles.

CEO Dr Mark Pickering said, ‘Our goal is that no Christian should be alone in the NHS and that every NHS workplace should have a praying Christian presence.

‘Our members are working at the coalface of the NHS response to Covid-19, and we wanted to be able to bring them together for encouragement, refreshment, and to be reminded that they are not alone.’

Jonty Allcock (Globe Church, London) spoke from Habakkuk on the need to run to and wait on the Lord in times of crisis.

Dr Patrick Dixon (physician, consultant, and founder of ACET, an AIDS charity with a Christian ethos) also spoke. He explored some long-term implications of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He anticipated that similar outbreaks in the future may well occur and that current approaches to vaccine development and treatment will be inadequate.

Reflecting on the unusual online format of the conference, Dr Pickering said, ‘We have seen the huge potential of online gatherings like this to meet that need. There’ll always be a place for physical meetings, but we’re glimpsing what might be possible.’

The two talks from the conference are available online at CMF’s website (

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