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And they crucified him

And they crucified him
James Chittenden James is assistant to the pastor at Tollgate Evangelical Church in Redhill, Surrey.
18 July, 2017 2 min read

In this God-honouring, heart-stirring book, Alun Ebenezer considers chronologically the events leading up to, including and following the death of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The book is written in conversational style, at times leading the reader down thoughtful side paths, making it highly readable and engaging. The chapters are of varying length and occasionally cover a range of topics. More editorial work would have been of benefit in this regard.

Alun clearly and simply deals with apparent contradictions and difficulties in the Gospel narratives. These include why Jesus and his disciples observed the Passover before the Pharisees. Events during the Resurrection are also addressed. Historical support is helpfully offered throughout to show from external sources the Bible’s accuracy.

Writing from an evangelical standpoint, the author carefully and faithfully provides expository reflections on the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Touching on difficult topics, such as the role of Judas and how Jesus was ‘forsaken’, you can’t help but be humbled and induced to worship our great God as you remember again that he gave his Son for us.

While being unashamedly theological, it is also practical, increasingly so as the book progresses. The author makes the most of opportunities to get the reader to examine their own heart and conduct before God.

Ambitiously, ten aims are set out in the preface. These are largely achieved. There are a few things, though, worth noting. It is suggested that this book could be for evangelistic use. While there is constant gospel application throughout, the 300-plus pages means it is more suited to those already prepared to examine Christianity in depth. However, someone with no Bible knowledge could easily understand this book.

I would highly recommend this sensitive examination of the most important aspect of our faith to believers. Your faith will be encouraged and your heart challenged and inspired to worship. It will also equip Christians to engage with questions non-Christians commonly ask about the topic. It would also profit as a devotional.

And they crucified him is a book well worth taking time over. In so doing you will marvel afresh at the humility, grace, suffering and triumph of the Lord Jesus in bringing us salvation.

James Chittenden


James is assistant to the pastor at Tollgate Evangelical Church in Redhill, Surrey.
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