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‘Gay Marriage’

April 2013 | by Roy Mohon

Dear Sir,

February 15th may be seen as the ultimate retribution. ‘The Age of Reason’ (1648–1789) idolised rational thought and set it above the authority of Scripture. One consequence of the revolt against authority was the tyranny and terror of the French Revolution. Now secularism is in revolt against reason itself.

We might not have expected Alice in Wonderland to be mentioned in Parliament during the debate of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill, but she was. We read of Alice that Humpty Dumpty said to her in a scornful tone, ‘When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less’. This is now public policy.

The Home Secretary offered a depleted definition of marriage as ‘the commitment of two people to each other’. She maintained that marriage is about commitment and recognising commitment.

This is a novel definition of marriage. The latter no longer means ‘matrimony’, but just what politicians choose it to mean. Because marriage is a union instituted by God with defined mutual responsibilities does not mean that a self-defined union, created by the State, between one person and another person is the same. It obviously is not.

Marriage was ordained by God between one man and one woman with the definite purposes of procreation, the prevention of uncleanness and the mutual help of husband and wife.

The declared purpose of the intended legislative change is ‘equality’, whereby two unions, different in nature, are regarded as being of the same kind. This is a trick of language worthy of Humpty Dumpty.

No legislation can give equal status to same-sex unions concerning procreation, because it is a biological impossibility. No legislation can give same-sex unions the legitimacy of marriage, because marriage is the exclusive relationship recognised by God for conjugal love. No legislation can give equal status to same-sex couples concerning mutual help, because law cannot produce the complementary nature of the male-female relationship.

400 MPs have sacrificed not only morality but also sanity in the name of equality. It is the murder of logic by those who claim to be proponents of rational thought as opposed to authority!

The MP who mentioned Alice in Wonderland also mentioned ‘Orwellian territory’. This is apposite. He who would change reality must re-educate by propaganda, suppress contrary views and enforce compliance.

The proud claim of secularism to be based upon freedom of thought, rational debate and scientific achievement is a fallacy. 400 MPs, in a mind-set reminiscent of the Divine Right of Kings, have voted to re-programme and coerce the entire population to accept as equal two unions that are not equal.

In the battle for marriage and the right to speak up for it in all contexts, we must not fail to contend for the more fundamental liberty to think for ourselves in a logical way and engage in reasoned debate and expect the same of our elected representatives.

Roy Mohon



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