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Let us pray for our nation

July 2016 | by Jonathan Willans

•  What is my own personal standing before the Lord? For God to hear my prayer, I myself need to be in a right relationship with him. We come before God’s throne of grace, not trusting in our own righteousness, but in his mercy.
•  Pray most especially for the nation’s repentance and that people may come to truly know the Lord and follow him. May there be heartfelt repentance for our sins. ‘Righteousness will exalt a nation but sin will destroy any people’ (Proverbs14:34).
•  We have driven the Lord Jesus Christ out of our culture, our government and the education of our children. We have replaced Christ with idols, greed, carnality, materialism and immorality. We have polluted the land with pornography, profaned the sacred and sanctified the profane.
•  Many people are increasingly frightened by events around them. This world and the UK is in turmoil. Nationally, we are in a mess — socially, morally, politically, economically and spiritually. Pray that people may humbly seek God’s guidance and help regarding these issues.
•  Pray for protection from acts of terrorism and that God may show mercy rather than judgement toward us. We urgently need his protection from the threats around us and within.
•  Ask that God may open the hearts and minds of the spiritually blind, in order that they may see that the way of salvation, peace and safety lies in Jesus Christ.
•  Pray that the Lord will raise up godly people to take on positions of responsibility and influence. The church is a battleship and not a passenger liner; every devout, able-bodied Christian has a role to play. Pray that Christians may recognise their responsibility to be a strong Christian witness wherever they are.
•  Pray for our Queen, royal family and political leaders. Pray that God will raise up more Christians to guide and direct the thoughts of the nation. Ask the Lord to call more Christians to be pastors and preachers, politicians and journalists, judges, magistrates and law makers, teachers, councillors, school governors, nurses and doctors; and that Christian influence may extend in all strata of society.

•  Pray for both the home and worldwide ministry and support of Christian-run missionary societies, compassionate organisations and charities.

•  Pray that while being bold in our Christian witness we remain gracious, kind and loving towards those with whom we disagree. Pray for those Christians who have lost their jobs or livelihood because of their faithfulness to Christ.

•  Pray that the result of the EU referendum will drive us toward, rather than away from, God. Pray that God will overrule the outcome in these troubled times to advance his kingdom.

•  Give thanks for the many temporal and spiritual blessings we experience from the Lord and be encouraged by his promise: ‘If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land’ (2 Chronicles 7:14). Take heart and be of good courage; the Lord can save by many or by few (2 Chronicles 14:11).

 ‘O God, who has graciously preserved our nation through two world wars and led us in wondrous ways; we confess that as a nation we have turned far from thee and neglected our national responsibilities before the world. We have misused the liberty for which men and women gave their lives. We have pursued pleasure and not the living God. We acknowledge that you will not bless us until we have returned to thee. Therefore, we entreat thy divine Majesty, to turn the hearts of the people of this nation to true repentance. Purge out the sins that dishonour thee. Give us true religion; crown our faith with righteousness; and lift us up, a holy people, to thy praise and honour, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.’

John Willans is Vicar of Christ Church, Brockham, in Surrey. Other articles of his are on

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