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‘Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow’

December 2019 | by John Thornbury

Outside the snow has just fallen. It looks so lovely and white when it first falls to the ground. But I can also see that it is not pure on the street, for it mingles with the dirt and grime and becomes a mushy mess.

Many years ago, a young lady saw in her snow a picture of her life. She was highly educated, accomplished in manner, and lived in the best society. She once had an enviable beauty and was ‘flattered and sought after for the charms of her face’. But alas, like the snow she fell as a result of temptation and died in disgrace and ruin. She said,

Once I was pure as the snow, but I fell

Fell like the snowflakes from Heaven to Hell;

Fell to be trampled as filth in the street,

Fell to be scoffed, to be spit on and beat;

Pleading – Cursing – Dreading to die,

Selling my soul to whoever would buy.

In a sense this is the life story of all of us. Once, as we stood in Adam the first man on earth, we were perfect and spotless. As the Bible plainly says, ‘God made man upright’ (Ecclesiastes 7:29). In the garden of Eden there was no sin. Man walked and lived in unsullied communion with his maker.

But a terrible tragedy happened – he fell. Adam, led astray by his wife, who had been tempted by the serpent, became a sinner and was driven by God from the garden of Eden. His heart became defiled and that sinful nature has been transmitted to the whole human family.

But God has provided a way through which man’s purity can be restored. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on Calvary’s cross to pay the sin debt so that all who believe on Him can be ‘washed in the blood’. God says, ‘Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow’ (Isaiah 1:18).

John F Thornbury Served for many years as a pastor in Baptist churches Pennsylvania and Kentucky, USA.

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