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The cost of being different

December 2008 | by Katie Prime

The cost of being different


I can’t say when I became a Christian; it has been more of a gradual process. I have been brought up in a Christian home where the Lord Jesus is loved and I go to church every week. I have also attended children’s groups and Christian camps.


I listened to all the Bible passages and talks, but at first they didn’t affect the way I lived. But gradually, I became aware that I was a sinner and that this was a huge problem – one I couldn’t sort out myself.

     So I turned to God and asked him for forgiveness – fully confident that he would hear me. Because Jesus had died on the cross and taken my place, he would wipe the slate clean of my sin. I have recognised that I sin every day and need to ask God for forgiveness constantly.

     By giving his Holy Spirit to all who believe in him, the Lord Jesus helps us in our daily life and to grow in faith. I am learning that to follow Jesus often means being different from others in the way I think and the things I choose to do.

     I am learning to hate sin and love what is right. It is sometimes hard to be different, but the Lord Jesus helps me. I am going to be baptised because the Lord Jesus commanded us to ‘repent and be baptised’.

Katie Prime


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