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Missionary Spotlight – Pokot update

April 2009 | by Cliff Barton

Pokot update


I visited the Pokot churches in Kenya again in October 2008. It was encouraging to see continuing spiritual growth, manifested in their desire for us to preach the gospel in areas not previously visited.

     The first such area was Apur, reached only after an hour’s hot walk from the road. Here about 40 adults, as well as many children, were gathered. In Pokot, it is traditional to kill an animal before a person who has killed another is allowed back into his home. This gives a golden opportunity to explain the significance of Christ’s death  as the perfect sacrifice for our sin.

     The second area visited was Wasat, a community with low mud-roofed huts and a high infant mortality rate due to malaria. As the men sat on their stools and women on the ground, the sacrifice of the Son of God for sin was preached by Keith Underhill. The people were urged to repent and believe.

     Do pray that further such opportunities may arise for the Pokot churches, and many people may be converted.

Cliff Barton


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