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Missionary Spotlight

April 2000 | by MERF

MSY wrote from Liman Wadi Natroun Prison, in the western desert of Egypt, in response to MERF’s gospel broadcasts. He is serving a seven-year jail term on a drugs charge, and had been listening to these broadcasts for several months. God’s grace had touched his life.

The prison officer noticed his changed life and helped him contact his family members and correspond with Christians in Egypt. He was allowed to receive a copy of the Arabic Bible and several pieces of Christian literature. In August he asked that a pastor visit his family.

A few days later the family was very surprised to be visited by a Christian minister, who was immediately struck by the family’s tragic circumstances. Their plight brought tears to his eyes.

The prisoner’s elderly and sick father was no longer able to provide for his family. MSY’s older brother had lost his job because he too had been convicted as a drug smuggler. One of his sisters was in need of surgery, which the family could not afford. The other sister lacked suitable clothes and was unable to buy the books necessary for her college classes.

A few months have now passed and God’s people have regularly visited and cared for this family. A Reformed Christian doctor made arrangements for the sister’s surgery. The younger sister is now able to attend her classes with all the necessary books.

The unemployed brother now works in the shop of a faithful businessman from the local church, while he and his two sisters regularly attend church services. In the meantime, MSY has an effective, ongoing Christian testimony among his fellow prisoners and prison staff.

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