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The ministry of African Bible University

March 2014 | by Palmer Robertson

As the old saying goes, ‘The proof of the pudding is in the eating!’ In our case, the proof of the Lord’s graciously using our teaching finds manifestation in the fruitful ministries of our graduates.

A sample will give you some idea of this. One graduate serves as language programme coordinator for SIL; another does Bible translation in southern Sudan; several are church planters; many are Bible teachers in primary and secondary schools; others are founders and administrators of schools.

One serves as a missionary to pygmies in the forests of Congo; two are husband-and-wife founders of a business that employs over 200 displaced persons; one is a banker with responsibilities over several departments; another pastor of a 1000-member church in downtown Kampala.

One is coordinator for missions and evangelism for an entire diocese of the Church of Uganda; another is executive director of the Africa Centre for Apologetics Research; another works with Children of the Nations in Malawi; another heads up the Reformed Student Organization of Uganda.

One works for World Vision; another is a producer for TransWorld Radio; another an MDiv student at Westminster Seminary in California; another an executive with Child Evangelism Fellowship in Kenya; one is a director with the Fellowship of Christian Union in Uganda; and so on…


For future needs, we first and foremost continue to trust in the gracious hand of the Lord. Secondly, we need partners in several areas.

We need more teachers. We need good, solid people, committed to the Lord’s Word and true biblical faith. We need an IT person who can also teach business courses; additional Bible teachers; a communications person with a master’s degree; teachers of English, history and cross-cultural studies.

We need a van that will transport our students to their outreach ministries. We need more scholarships and sponsorships for needy students. Every year we have qualified students eager to receive the unique training of ABU, but with literally no funds.

We need a refurbished computer lab. We need more solar panels, batteries, transformers and wind generators to free us from bondage to the costly services of the public providers of electricity.

We will be blessed to hear that the Lord has placed a special vision in your heart for this ongoing ministry in Africa. May the Lord bless you in the same way that he continues to bless us.

O. Palmer Robertson





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