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By Sam Allberry
April 2013 | Review by Noel Ramsey


God is Trinity. This is foundational and life-changing. Yet, bizarrely, for many believers, this is one of the least-examined aspects of the Christian life. Sam Allberry takes us right to the heart of who God is, something which has radical implications for who we are as beings made in his image. Connected unpacks the practical implications of the truth that God is Father, Son and Spirit. This transforms how we think of God and provides a vital perspective on key topics like: - identity - gender - church life - discipleship - prayer Could any issue be more important than this? The Trinity should never be shrouded in mystery - or jargon. Follow in Sam's footsteps and you will soon find yourself, like him, praising this awesome God who is Trinity.

  • Publisher: IVP
  • ISBN: 978-1-84474-588-3
  • Pages: 176
  • Price: 7.99
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Book Review

Sam Allberry
176, £7.99
ISBN: 978-1-84474-588-3
Star Rating: 5

I received this just before Christmas and was not really looking forward to reviewing a book on the Trinity, especially during the busy Christmas period. However, I am now glad that I did, for this is a truly exceptional book, dealing with the subject of our triune God.

     The Trinity is at best a difficult and complex subject to get one’s head around, but this is the best I have read on the subject. It is popular in style, with clear print and good humour, and rich in pastoral warmth and application.

     It only has nine short chapters, but is certainly not lacking in substance. The first four chapters deal with God, who is one, and go on to show us how our God, although one, is three.

     The book helps us appreciate how each person in the Godhead relates to one another. It excels in helpful application, for the writer demonstrates the truth that God being triune affects every aspect of our lives.

     Unless we know who this God is that we are serving, and what he is like, then how can we ever obey him? So the first thing we need to know about God is that he is one God in three persons. He is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

     This book makes it clear that when we have the right view of the Trinity, then we will also have the right view of redemption, as well as so many other doctrines and aspects of Christian living.

     The second half, called ‘The Trinity and us’, demonstrates that an understanding of God helps us to understand ourselves, as we are made in his image. Therefore, an understanding of the Trinity, and how each person relates to the others, helps us as human beings in our relationships, for God is relational.

     Other ways that grasping the doctrine of the Trinity helps us are in understanding marriage, the church, prayer and worship. But you will have to buy the book in order to find out how! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Noel Ramsey


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