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Born of God – Sermons from John, Chap 1

By D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
April 2012 | Review by Bertie Johnston


In his first sermon in his series on the opening chapters of the Gospel of John, begun in October 1962, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones made the arresting remark: "Do you know what is the matter with us? I will tell you. We, none of us, really believe in the Lord Jesus Christ! The trouble with all of us is that we do not know enough about him. So John says: The thing you need above everything is to be brought to this knowledge of him - who he is, what he has done, and what he has made possible for us." The preacher was convinced that Christians are too often unhappy and uncertain - and, as a result, fail to give a true and accurate impression of Christianity to those around them - because they are suffering from ignorance. Yet he insisted strongly that bare knowledge is not enough. What is needed is the life that comes from believing in Christ rightly (John 20:31). "We must start with the doctrine, and out of that will come the life, the experience, everything we need." This is part of the last great Lloyd-Jones Sunday-morning series at Westminster Chapel. In these 32 powerful sermons, he concentrates on two main areas which feature prominently in John chapter 1: law and grace and their respective roles (from verse 17); and the assurance of salvation (from verses 12-13). The central focus in all the sermons is the life that flows from the Lord Jesus Christ, received by faith, the life that characterizes those who are "born of God" - those who are God's children by faith in his beloved Son.

  • Publisher: Banner of Truth
  • ISBN: 978-1-84871-125-9
  • Pages: 482
  • Price: 17.50
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Book Review

Born of God- sermons from John, chapter one.

Dr Martyn Lloyd- Jones

Banner of Truth

488 pages, £17.50

ISBN: 13-978-84871-1259

Stars: 5


As the subtitle indicates, this book is a record of thirty-two sermons preached by the late Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones in Westminster Chapel between October 1962 and June1963. They form part of the series he gave before his retirement.

      The foreword reminds us that the preacher’s intention was to highlight the application of the teaching to the state and condition of the Christian in the world.

      The sermons focus on two texts. In John 1:17 the emphasis is on law and grace, and in John 1:12-13 on assurance of salvation. Both these subjects are dealt with well. They not only grip the mind but search the heart. They come to the reader with freshness and relevance in today’s culture. They are a fine example of doctrinal preaching but, more than that, they are pastoral in their application.

      Here is Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones at his finest. In an age when Christians and society at large have almost forgotten the law of God this series is a necessary read to remind us afresh that God’s law is part of His great plan of salvation. Indeed it is that law which ultimately defines the nature of sin.

      There cannot be a more timely set of sermons to be published. As Dr J. Packer used to encourage his students ‘Sell your shirt to buy this one!’




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