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Who Am I? Human Identity and the Gospel in a Confusing World

By Thomas Fretwell
September 2020 | Review by Arthur Jones
  • Publisher: DayOne Publications
  • ISBN: 978-1-84625-644-8
  • Pages: 136
  • Price: £8.00
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Book Review

In today’s secular society, religion is often regarded as without rational or scientific basis, and therefore irrelevant to life in the modern world and all areas of public engagement. If that is our social context, then it is no wonder that, outside of their church communities, many Christians feel second class and defenceless.

But as Thomas Fretwell points out, there is no worldview-neutral position. So it is imperative that Christians identify and counter the dominant secular standpoint of naturalism: the view that ultimate reality is a purely material, closed system. The truth is that naturalism is as indefensible as it is unliveable. It only survives because proponents smuggle in objective values from outside, and especially from Christianity.

With that vital foundation laid, Fretwell can present Christianity as a wonderfully viable position. He explains that, to understand the nature and significance of humanity who we really are — we must understand something about the God in whose image we have been created. And since it is the Son of God who has revealed God, our identity and equality can be understood only in the light of Jesus Christ and his gospel.

Fretwell uses many illustrations from literature and history, and has produced a book that is both very readable and very helpful. Highly recommended.

Arthur Jones


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