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October 2018
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Three former addicts baptised in the Jordan

At the beginning of the year, Kyle, a homeless Jewish addict, approached Christian Witness to Israel missionary Igal Vender on the street, asking for money for food. When Igal told him he had good news to share and instead invited him for a meal at a local cafe, neither imagined where it would lead. Kyle wanted to know why I would bother trying to help a homeless man like him. I explained that it was because of the One who lives in me and who transformed my own life — Jesus. I shared my testimony with Kyle before we opened the Scriptures and ate together....

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July 2018
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Broadcasting the gospel to Afghans

During the first few decades of OM, special prayer was promoted for nine countries with no known believers. Today, there is no country without followers of Jesus, although there hasn’t been a viable church in Afghanistan for centuries. Gordon Magney was obsessed with changing that, first going to Afghanistan in the 1960s. When Mel Warden* — who joined the work among Afghan refugees in Pakistan in 1981 — was returning to Canada to study in 1989, Gordon asked him to re-launch radio programmes for Afghan audiences after a month of training. Mel and his wife met with a number of Afghans in Toronto who had...

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