Changed for ever

Jim Shafor
01 December, 2004 1 min read

It is a joy and honour to tell you the difference Jesus Christ has made in my life. While on a business trip to the Bahamas in April of 2003, my life changed for ever.

The day I was converted started like any normal day. I wasn’t ‘looking’ for any spiritual revelation. I had attended church my whole life – and just assumed that I must be ‘saved’.

I expected the meeting that night to be like any other business meeting. However, on this particular night Pastor Robert L. Dickie and his wife Mary from Michigan had been invited to speak – and the Holy Spirit opened up my heart.

Mary gave a testimony that made me start to think, and the pastor’s message stirred my conscience to the point of breakdown. I found myself reviewing my prideful, phoney life – my false love and self-serving nature.

I began to weep. At first I tried to conceal it, but in the end I was unable to control it. The Holy Spirit had led me right into the open arms of my personal Saviour Jesus Christ. He cradled me like a parent would a newborn child, soothed my spirit, erased my failures, and gave me new life.

I left that meeting knowing exactly what had happened. My sins, all of them, past, present and future had been washed away by the blood of Jesus Christ. My tears soon led to relief, smiles and a brand new outlook on life.

I came into that meeting a man who thought he was in control of his life. I left like a child with the desire to know, serve and love my heavenly Father. I now understand more fully – that I was born again that night by the awesome power of our mighty God, for which I praise his name.

I am now a member of Berean Baptist church. By the grace of God, I was chosen to honour and worship my Lord Jesus Christ. I could not imagine a gift more precious. God’s electing love and the covering of Christ’s righteousness have changed my life for ever.

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