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Elijah – Prophet of God

Elijah – Prophet of God
Sarah Fuller Sarah is married to Nick and lives in Truro.
01 January, 2017 1 min read

This delightful children’s book is a faithful, detailed re-telling of Elijah’s story. It begins with his miraculous feeding by the ravens and ends with his translation to heaven in a chariot.

It is divided into nine chapters, each one covering an event in Elijah’s ministry. References to where the stories are found in Scripture are also included.

Although there is no age range advised, I read it through with my four-year-old daughter, covering a chapter a day. She enjoyed it and learned much. It would indeed be helpful for all infant and lower junior ages.

The book is lavishly illustrated with beautifully appropriate, evocative, hand-coloured pictures which are ‘non-cartoon’ in style. For us, this was certainly part of the appeal. A clear map and fact file are placed at the beginning (including Jesus’ references to Elijah), while a memory aid is at the end.

I have only a few quibbles. For example, I do wonder whether Scripture ever permits us to use the sympathetic adjective ‘poor’ when describing the wicked king Ahab? That aside, I would recommend this book. It is one to which we will return in our family reading and we would love to read more in the Faithful Footsteps series.

Sarah Fuller


Sarah is married to Nick and lives in Truro.
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