Film Review – 2012

David Woollin David is Sales and Marketing Manager at Heritage Books, Grand Rapids
01 January, 2010 2 min read

2012 – Film Review

Columbia Pictures; Director and producer: Roland Emmerich; Starring: John Cusack, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Amanda Peet, Oliver Platt and Thandie Newton (PG-12A in UK; PG13 in USA)

There is no denying that 2012 is a disaster movie on an epic scale. Director Roland Emmerich’s stated aim was to top all disaster films ever produced. And he previously brought us Independence Day (the earth threatened by aliens) and The day after tomorrow (deep freeze scenario).

In this film he once more builds tension, tugs the heart strings, and places people in challenging moral dilemmas. The plot of 2012 begins with a huge solar flare almost, but not quite, unnoticed; and the result is that the earth begins to be microwaved from its core outwards.

But G8 world leaders have a plan. It is to build some ‘Arks’ (yes, Arks!), deep in the Himalayan Mountains, in order that as many as possible humans and animals can survive the expected tidal waves.

The clock ticks on and deep mines roast; lakes disappear, animals die. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions increase dramatically. Eventually, in late 2012 (supposedly coinciding with an ancient Mayan prophecy), the message goes out to those who paid expensively for their tickets on to an Ark.

And so the unbelievable plot rolls on amid apocalyptic devastation and with various twists and turns. The film is not without religious feeling. For example, the American President reads Psalm 23 and both he and others are seen in prayer. But the film is also littered with bad language, and its central point, that man can prevail over everything through his own ingenuity, is a message alien to the Bible.

But such a scenario can never happen. How do we know? Because God has said in the book of Genesis that he will never again destroy the earth by flooding. Moreover, there are strong echoes of that Genesis flood in this film (which is hardly surprising, since that cataclysmic act of divine judgement has left a residual memory never to be erased from human culture).

Just possibly, 2012 will provide evangelistic opportunities. NASA felt impelled to state: ‘We see absolutely no scientific evidence, no sign of any doomsday gloom or anything coming in 2012. We’re well aware of the kind of threats that the movie depicts, but there’s no possibility of those happening at the time’. People are worried!

Actually, the world does have an expiry date. It is extensively predicted in the New Testament – as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. A way of escape has been provided, not for those who can afford it, but freely for all who will humble themselves to receive it. The price was paid by Jesus Christ’s sufferings on the cross of Calvary.

When the end comes, the door to everlasting life will be eternally sealed against all who have not been saved. There will be no room for man’s ingenuity, for only those who are already in Christ will be saved.

David Woollin


David is Sales and Marketing Manager at Heritage Books, Grand Rapids
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