Gospel tracts

Gospel tracts
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 May, 2014 1 min read

Patients all over the world spend a lot of time waiting. Waiting time is an opportunity for Christians to talk to them about the Lord — and for them to read the Scriptures and gospel tracts. With this in mind, several tracts have been written and translated into Malagasy. Here are some of them:

Better is a tract to give when patients go home. It is based around the story of the ten whom Jesus healed of their leprosy, and the one who came back to give thanks.

I want an abortion is for women who have had an abortion or are requesting one. It shows the danger and evil of abortion, and the way of repentance and forgiveness for those who have already had one.

Sir, I want to see is used by the hospital’s eye department. It is based on the story of Bartimaeus, but moves to John 3:3 and the need for the new birth to see the kingdom of God.

The one you love is dead is based on John 11. This is to give to relatives when a patient dies, bringing comfort to the bereaved and pointing them to the Saviour they need.

Your new baby is for use in the maternity department, giving advice about bringing up a new baby, and encouraging parents to teach their children about God. But what should they teach them about God? The tract then explains the gospel.

Is it serious, doctor? is for those with life-threatening disease, pointing them to the Saviour, and the comfort and hope that he brings to those who trust in him.

The English text of these tracts can be found at If anyone would like to translate them into other languages for their own use, you are most welcome to do so.
ET staff writer
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