Howard Donaldson (1931–2011)

John Donaldson
01 February, 2012 1 min read

Howard Donaldson (1931–2011)

British expatriate evangelist Howard Donaldson, aged 80, has died after a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Audrey, and four sons John, Stephen, Michael and Andrew.
   As a teenager, he was converted after listening to a travelling evangelist, Mr White, from the Open-Air Mission. Mr Donaldson soon began telling others about Jesus, and had the privilege of leading many members of his family to the Lord.
   He became involved in a Brethren church, being appointed as Sunday school superintendent and starting a local preaching ministry accompanied by his best friend George Paxton, who would go along as guest singer.
   Despite having a good job in Morpeth, he felt the call to go to Bible college to train for full-time ministry. When 29, he went to London Bible College (LBC), which at that time was under the leadership of Dr Ernest Kevan.
   He graduated from LBC in 1962 and began work as an evangelist for the Evangelisation Society (TES). He remained with TES for all his working life and travelled extensively around England, Scotland and Wales. There were few places where he had not preached.
   In 1984 he became prayer coordinator for the North East of England Billy Graham rallies. He was invited to America to preach, along with a group of 50 UK Baptist ministers.
   He was also invited to Seoul in South Korea as the only UK representative at an international gathering for evangelism. After his time there, Mr Donaldson struggled for a number of years with ME. During this time he worked on a Master of Theology correspondence course.
   Within a short time of moving to Australia, he became ill and never quite got back to being himself. While we are saddened by his home call, we know that he is simply absent from the body but present with the Lord.
John Donaldson

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