I felt his faith

Matthew Abraham
01 December, 2004 1 min read

My name is Matthew Abraham. I am an attorney in Michigan where I live with my wife and three children. My journey in Christian faith really began in June of 2001 when I heard a gentleman speak with a conviction and passion I’d never heard before – certainly not on the topic of his passion, which was his faith.

I remember hearing his words but feeling his belief.

Although I had attended a Catholic school for most of my education and sporadically attended church for more than 30 years, I’d never thought to ask the questions this man provoked in my mind.

They were fundamental questions like, ‘Why do I believe what I believe’; ‘How can a holy God accept a sinful person?’ and ‘Do I truly understand what it means to be a Christian?’

I have since come to understand that I was being called by God – and when God calls you respond, whether you realise it or not.

I found myself wanting to know more of Christ and hear more of this pastor’s message – the content of which he drew directly from the Bible. I began to seek more information and was filled with a desire to know the truth as it is revealed in Christ – and to know his righteousness.

I found myself under the tutelage of Pastor Robert L. Dickie, the man I heard speak in June. I began attending his church and completed membership classes under his teaching.

Not only have I come to faith in Christ, knowing what that truly means, but I am also learning to walk in faith with Christ.

For the first time in my life I have realised that salvation is found only in the person and work of Christ. The Lord has revealed himself to me and I am eternally grateful for this gracious act.

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