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Crossing the great gulf

At the age of fourteen I made a Christian friend at school, who invited me to a youth club run…

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December 2012

Touch and the difference Jesus makes

Touch and the difference Jesus makesIf I was to use a picture to describe life, it would be the splash…


December 2012

He was Mary’s son

He was Mary’s son Guest Column   Peter Milsom Christmas can be a strange time. It comes in the dark days…


December 2012


CathedralsCathedrals in the UK are inclusive and welcoming to those of all faiths and none, a report, conducted by ComRes…


December 2012

Atheism’s new clothes

Atheism’s new clothes: exploring and exposing the claims of the New AtheistsDavid H. GlassApollos (IVP)319 pages, £16.99ISBN: 978-1-84474-571-5In a review…

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Below me, the clouds
Ron Collard

Climbing through solid cloud and breaking into a new world of sunshine and dazzling blue sky has been my delightful experience on numerous occasions. My life has been like that: living through clouds of war, fear, illness, disappointment, heart-ache, anxiety,…

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Bringing the gospel home
Randy Newman

Sharing the gospel with a family member can be an exciting experience—and often a long, painful, and confrontational one. Randy Newman recognizes it can be more difficult and frustrating to witness to a family member than to nearly anyone else.…

One Lord, One Plan, One People
Rodger Crooks

New to the Bible? One Lord, One Plan, One People will help you uncover what the Bible is all about as it takes you on a journey from Genesis to Revelation, pointing out the main features of each book. Want…

What to look for in a pastor
Brian Biedebach

Finding the right pastor is critical in the life of a church. But most churches rely on the inexperienced and sometimes blinded pulpit committees, which often gamble with the selection of their candidates because they usually don’t have a clear…