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April 1998

Defenders of the faith

Athanasius of Alexandria and the challenge of ArianismCentral to the proclamation of the gospel in the first century A. D.…

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April 1998

Concerning cults

1. The International Church of Christ (ICC)The story is a familiar one. And often it can be a distressing and…

April 1998

Theodore Bendor-Samuel

Theodore Harold Bendor-Samuel passed into the presence of the Lord on 26 February 1998, aged ninety-two. His physical condition had…

April 1998

What about fleeces?

In earlier articles we have seen that God guides his children primarily by his Word. There may be times when…

April 1998

God’s last word

When Paul brought the gospel to Athens, he 'peached to them Jesus and the resurrection' (Acts 17:18). But when he…

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