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April 2004

Missionary Spotlight – African dimensions

I have recently returned from southern Africa as part of my work for the Dorothea Mission and am reflecting on…

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April 2004

Missionary Spotlight – Blessing in Kwazulu Natal

Hillcrest is a small but growing town in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa, some twenty miles inland from Durban. Its Baptist…

April 2004

Three crosses, two thieves, one Saviour

The two thieves were similar in many ways. Both were convicted robbers, perhaps even murderers; each was physically as close…

April 2004

The glories of Christ

God sent his Son into the world that he might 'put away sin by the sacrifice of himself', for 'Christ…

April 2004

George Barna surveys the church

He has written a number of best-sellers including The frog in the kettle, The second coming of the church, and…

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