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April 2005

The Helper

Jesus is about to die. His troubled disciples would soon be left alone like orphans bereft of their parents. He…

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April 2005

The Person of Christ

In the Pentateuch we have figuresof Christ; in the historical books we have the foreshadowingof Christ; in the Psalms we…

April 2005

The resurrection of Christ

Louis Berkhof writes, 'For modern liberal theology the resurrection of Jesus, except in the sense of a spiritual survival, has…

April 2005

Missionary Spotlight

Over the past 15 years the African Bible College (ABC) in Malawi has enrolled a steady stream of students from…

April 2005

Religious freedom in Serbia

Evangelical churches have existed in Serbia since the late nineteenth century. Baptists, for example, received legal recognition in 1905, in…

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