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April 2008

Shari’a and the archbishop

Shari'a and the archbishop The Archbishop of Canterbury has suffered much criticism for recommending that elements of Islamic law should be…

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April 2008

News – Roman Catholics meet Muslims after…

Roman Catholics meet Muslims after Common Word As a direct result of the open letter from Muslim scholars called A Common…

April 2008

News – Trouble on our streets

Trouble on our streets The Government's laws on 24-hour drinking have been condemned by police and alcohol awareness groups, as new…

April 2008

News – Ignoble Lords

Ignoble Lords  The House of Lords voted to abolish the common law blasphemy offences. The move was pushed through by…

April 2008

Comment – Voice in the wilderness

Voice in the wilderness Sometimes the briefest conversations can be the most important. We find an example in Isaiah 40:6 -…

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