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April 2015

Remembering the Armenian genocide

My father was born in Cyprus and my mother in Greece, but I am of Armenian origin.

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April 2015

Do Christian bookshops have a future?

  Is there a future for small Christian bookshops in the digital age? It is a sad fact that many…


Light from William Tyndale on the relationship…

On 8 May 1528, a dangerous book was published. It was entitled The parable of the Wicked Mammon (better known…


April 2015

Needingworth – Induction of Paul Harrison

Needingworth Baptist Church welcomed their new pastor, Paul Harrison, into the ministry on 31 January. The speaker was Dr Simon…


April 2015

Church-planting in Manchester

Since its formation in 1991, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (EPCEW) has been passionate about the work…

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From the Mouth of God
Sinclair B. Ferguson

This book, revised and expanded from an earlier version published in 1982, is a primer for personal use of the Bible. It is subtitled ‘Trusting, reading and applying the Bible’, reflecting the threefold division of the book. The first part…

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How do I kill remaining sin?
Geoffrey Thomas

This short booklet (currently available as an ebook in the UK) is a serious and helpful introduction to the doctrine of mortification. Readable in under 30 minutes, it is yet full of good teaching and practical advice. Geoffrey Thomas begins…

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Heart Attitudes
Graham Benyon

Being a Christian is more than knowing truth and doing good – it involves having the right attitudes and desires within. The heart matters.  Graham Beynon’s purpose in this book is to allow the gospel to perform ‘open-heart surgery’ i.e.…

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They’re rugby boys, don’t you know?
Natalie Vellacott

A challenging read! The author professed conversion at an early age, but fell away ‘in a dramatic fashion’. She lived a ‘party lifestyle’. After a long struggle, she came under intense conviction of sin and cried to the Lord for…